Saturday, November 15, 2014

Feature Saturday with Joni Burtt Photography!

The winner of last week's 'stand out' challenge is the incredibly talented Joni Burtt of Joni Burtt Photography!  As she has recently been featured on the blog here, for today's post she has chosen to share a bit about freelensing <3

"I started freelensing last winter and, as many do, quickly got myself addicted.  I've been working a little freelensing into my client sessions, and I also employ it a lot when I take photos of my children.  One of my favourite looks is a vertical free lensed portrait, and I'm told it's one of my signature "looks".  I love the way it places focus exactly where I want it, and leaves the top of the photo a gorgeous blur of colours and shapes.  I love flawed portraits anyway, but freelensing adds another element of beauty and honesty to them."

Find more of Joni's gorgeous work here:

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