Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{mobile photography}

Lynn Demaray Photography

  I want to be in this photo.  The joy of childhood and the beauty of a sinking sun.


The way her feet make the water ripple... such a reminder of life. 
The reflection of the trees and the curiosity of what she looks like draws me in even further.

What a gorgeous world we get to enjoy. 
 This is so well done: the composition, the edit, the 

 I feel the surge of deep thinking and self reflection when I see this image.  I wonder what she was thinking about.


  Motion gets me every time.  The spotted light reminds me of summer afternoons. 


Kids are hilarious.  We should be more like them.  I love everything about this.


Clare Barker Wells Photography

The composition is so interesting. 
 Her timid single leg splash reminds me of grace.


Lens & Beauty

 The light. The light.  The light.  The end.


 Little child.  Big world.  I can't even believe this was shot with a phone.  Totally gorgeous.



Jamie Faulkner Photography

 The stripe light mesmerizes me.  The peace of sleeping makes me smile.

Michelle L. Morris


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