Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{larger than life}

I just want to say that I have loved watching everyone interpret this theme!
 Everyone had such a great view on it!  And I love how I got to see not only wide angle photography,
but also some very creative ways to show the Larger than Life theme.
Snap Maven's has some super talented fans!  Thank so much for letting me enjoy your images this week!
 It was hard to narrow down to just a few!  But here are my favorites!  

 What a great image!  The angle of view really accentuates the size of the plane.  And there is just enough sky to make the viewer feel like we are soaring.  I really love the small detail of the ground below that really adds to the sense of how high we are.


Such a sweet moment!  It makes me think about how it seemed like my boys grew overnight each time we added a new sibling to the mix.  One day they seemed so small, and the next day they seemed SO BIG!  

I love this interpretation of the theme here!  Such a gorgeous image, a moment filled with so much anticipation and hope!  Pregnancy is in so many ways larger than life!  It's such an amazing event!


  Overlooking LA: One of the biggest cities and one with a larger than life reputation.  Love how vast this feels, it feels like it goes on forever.  And the color and tones are incredible, they still have that California vibe!


 This is wicked cool.  I love the distortion of the walls of the buildings, as if the energy he's using is sucking them inward.  The blur on the edges of the frame really enhances the mystery and dreamlike feel to this.  And I love the choice of super saturated color, it really works with the intense feeling of this image!

Gorgeous monochrome landscape.  The sky and the sand are so big!  Love how small the subjects are in the frame! It's like they are running through the great big world!
Such a sweet moment!  A sweet reminder of how little they are. The scale here is perfect! One day when that little one is jumping off that couch, mom and dad can look back at this moment!  And the color palate is really great here, very peaceful!

This is AWESOME!!!  I love this so much.  It's fun and light hearted!  Lens choice really accentuates the bigness of an already really big dog!  Love how you chose to keep his owner in the frame.  And the way the dog and owner are looking opposite ways is visually interesting.  Really great wide angle image!
What a character!  Such a cute guy.  And I can tell those goggles say a lot about his personality!  I really love the color tones in this image so much! The blue and green play off each other nicely, a great summer feel!  And his expression is what makes this image!

 I think I laughed out loud when I first saw this one!  So funny!  Wide angle perfection!  Great choice for center composition!  I love how you instantly get a feeling like he is sticking his nose where he shouldn't!  


And the winner is this image by Jess Croshaw!

This image embodies everything I love about wide angle photography!  It makes the world look even bigger than it is.  I love the distortion and love all the curved lines.  The lines of the horizon and ocean are complemented by the lines of the limbs of the jumping little girl.  And the colors are just as fun as the super fun subject!  Really love this one! I hope you printed this big!

Thanks again everyone and Thanks to the Mavenista's!  It's been great working with you guys!

Heather Chang Photography 


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