Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Week's Judge: Our own, Phyllis Meredith

This week, our own Mavenista, Phyllis of Phyllis Meredith Photography is judging the "February" theme. She shared a summer shoot with us, shot with film and digital cameras: three girls gloriously twirling and free. Enjoy her photos and words!

I was just editing these images from a summer shoot into a  book and felt lulled back into the long days of twirling in the field in summer!  I love to use the field behind our home as “my studio”!  I have done so many photo shoots there!  This was one of my favorite ones ever.  It was still pretty hot and sticky in the late evening while I watched these beautiful sisters dance and twirl under the canopy of leaves.  I love how, through the magic of photography, I can feel like I am there even now as the wind howls and the snow blows about in torrents.  Twirling in a white dress in the glory of a hot summer night!

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