Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I was so thrilled to see all the ways you celebrated birthdays!  With three birthdays inside my own household this week, it was a no-brainer that I chose this particular theme, and hope you enjoy these images, as they made me smile, cry, or want to bust out the baking ingredients.


Yehudis Goldfarb Photography, LLC

First up – I love how Yehudis Goldfarb composed this down-the-glass shot.  The little boy and his school-made birthday crown choosing his own cake?  Precious.


Jamie Faulkner Photography

This reminded me of the time my daughter turned 5, and we filled the entire downstairs of our apartment with balloons and streamers for her to wake up to!  The look of delight on her face was priceless, and I am sure this little girl’s face was the same!


Yasmina Cowan Photography

Another adorable balloon shot?  This one, right here.  The light, the soft pastel colors for this baby girl, and the happiness in her face as she plays with this simple token of celebration.


Rebeccah Parks Photography

Speaking of “birth” days – men on the verge of tears due to a new wee babe?  Heart-melting.


This one immediately caught my eye as I went through the wall and liked all the photos.  The strong, rich edit paired with the visually striking off-center composition?  I’d want this on a canvas.  BIG.

Traditions!  Is this a birthday tradition?  I sure hope so!  Birthdays revolve around food in my house, so birthday morning pancakes make my inner foodie’s heart happy, and this gorgeous soft moody light is tasty too.

When I was in grade school, I was known for my epic slumber parties.  Tons of food, fashion shows, playing with hairstyles, and borrowing my mom’s makeup!  This image just brought me back to yesteryear and those sweet days with my girlfriends.

The look of delight on her face as she glimpses her delicious treat?  ‘nuff said.


Dads who hold their youngens tight while they celebrate?  The look of joy on this young child’s face makes me smile just as big.


Abby Kennan Photography

Is this not one of the BEST parts of having a birthday when you’re small?  The presents!  Hooray for getting exactly what it is you want!


And the winner is...

And last, but most certainly not least?  THIS.  This, my friends, is what birthdays are all about.  Family.  Love.  Chaos.  A perfectly imperfect moment to treasure and share with current and future generations.  THIS is why we celebrate birthdays.  Without the birth of this wonderful, wonderful woman, none of these children would be present, so what an incredible gift this grandmama is to the world, is she not?  Now excuse my while I dab my eyes with a tissue…


Thank you everyone so much for submitting!

Stella Reynoso

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