Tuesday, February 21, 2017

{run wild my child}

{Run Wild My Child}

I chose this theme because I love photographing my kids being kids. 
Being their wild and free selves and they are always running…lol!

The happiness and laughter in this photograph is contagious! Do I have to mention the panning skills! I would love to have a photograph like this of my children!

I love how carefree this image is. This is her being her and you can see how happy she is!

I really love the composition and the ripples in the water drawing your eye to the little subject.

The movement in this image is great, it looks as though she’s dancing! I also love the tones in this image as well!

I love the composition and colors and how he’s captured mid stride!

This photo is so eye-catching! What’s not to love, that sky, the composition, it’s just gorgeous!

Oh my gosh, wherever this is I want to go there! I’d love to run through this field of beautiful green grass with mountain views!

I’m a sucker for negative space and I love that it’s shot low! It kind of reminds me of the Sound of Music, one of my favorite movies!

The bare feet and tongue sticking out got me. 
This is the billboard for Run Wild My Child and I love it!

Winner is:

The lines, the light, and the illusion that their running will never end! I love
everything about this photo!

Krystal Weir Photography

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  1. <3 <3 I am so honoured to be up here with such amazing artists!


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