Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I love the idea of how delicate details can make an image strong and more emotive.  


Finalists in no particular order:

I love that this image captures not only the delicate bubble but the patience of the sweet little girl.

I love the perspective image with the sun peaking into the corner of the photo.  It makes me think of a warm summer morning.

The tones in this photo are just stunning.  I love the delicate nature of the fading blooms!

I love the dramatic edit on this photo.  The details of the dew drops on the flowers is just stunning.

I love the delicate braids combined with the delicate lace on the top of her dress.

This shot is so impressive.  I have no idea the patience to capture such a delicate creature resting on his hand.  

The delicate nature of a tiny snowflake is always stunning to me.  Such a beautiful capture!

This one speaks to my dancer's heart.  I love the delicate classic details of this photo.

I love the dark grit mixed with the dainty beauty of the flowers.  Beautiful!!

Nothing quite as sweet as delicate baby hands.  I think they are some of my favorite captures.



I just love the softness of this capture.  
The shadows and that gorgeous red hair make for a simple yet beautiful image.

Holly Beamer
Holly Joy Photography


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