Tuesday, August 23, 2016

{my life in monochrome}

I kept going back to this photo again and again!  You can almost hear the children trying to communicate with each other under those fantastic clear umbrellas, and I love the perspective!  Such a fun, creative, and captivating image!

I absolutely love this photo.  The conversion is just gorgeous, the crop is fantastic, and I love that neither of the children are looking into the camera.   The bare skin showing that this photo was likely taken on a very warm, summer day is just the icing on the cake!  

The lighting, framing, adorable curls, and connection between the father and child are beautiful in this photo! The Star Wars figures all lined up on the window also drew me right into this photo because Star Wars is a big deal in our household right now, too!  A beautiful moment perfectly captured!

There’s really nothing I don’t completely adore about this photo.  The silhouette, shadow, sparkles on the pavement, the focus…it’s all stunning!  

This photo brings a smile to my face every single time I look at it!  The black and white conversion is perfect and perspective is brilliant! It’s a view so many parents see, but probably wouldn’t think to photograph.  I love when ordinary moments are captured so beautifully.

I always love self-portraits, and this one is truly stunning.  It’s honest, raw, and emotional, and all of that emotion and rawness takes center stage because it’s in black and white.

This self-portrait also caught my eye!  The texture and conversion are beautiful, and I love that the photographer included her baby.  
The artist, her camera, and her inspiration all in one photo!

It’s easy to see why this photo stood out to me!  The lines, the lit up background, and then the exhausted (or bored!) little one in the foreground create a perfect monochromatic photo!  

Such a great capture!  The expressions on both of the girls’ faces are priceless, and the conversion here works perfectly with the moment and the vintage look of the playground.  
I love it!  

Is this not one of the cutest photos you’ve ever seen?!  It’s a photo that tells an entire story without words.  The adorable little boy with his tiny finger pointing, and his eager, obedient pup just waiting for instructions are almost too precious to handle!  

and the winner is.....

This is THE perfect black and white image.  On the technical side, the focus is perfect, the processing is gorgeous, and I love the crop.  But even more than that, the photographer captured emotion and a beautiful connection between the father and daughter.  It’s a real, vulnerable, and beautiful photograph of love.  I could stare at this stunning photo all day.  Beautiful work!

Guest Judge. Chelsea Lyn Photography
website: www.chelsealyn.photography

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