Thursday, February 4, 2016

Meet This Week's Guest Judge: Lynzi Berg!

The winter is well an truly upon us, and our own Mavenista Lynzi, of Lynzi Berg Photography, has asked you to share your interpretation of 'cabin fever'. Meanwhile, she's shared some of her own beautiful photos and some thoughts about joining the Snap Maven crew! Enjoy!

The Mavenistas at Snap Maven are a group I have admired for some time. I’ll be honest and tell you that over the last year I submitted photo after photo trying to be picked as a theme winner or runner up at Snap Maven. Really, it was a personal goal for months. You can imagine my shock when they asked me to come on as a Mavenista.  This group of women is a constant inspiration to me and I love the support they give to the photography community at large. I am so honored to be here!

Last year was a really slow year for me. I came off a huge high from two years ago and then fell flat on my face. Life does that sometimes and it isn’t always bad. I really did need a break. That said, the fall and subsequent break gave me the motivation I needed to start again strong this year. On January 1st I started a 366 project and I am enjoying it as if it was the first time. Shooting every day can be exhausting but it provides me with a daily reason to pick up my camera and find excitement in our every day. I also started a short-term self-portrait project a few weeks ago. My husband and I are expecting our fourth and likely final child in March. Because it is probably the last time I will get to experience the miracle of pregnancy I decided that I should take great care to photograph my progress. Each week I not only take a self-portrait to document my growing belly but I also include one of my other children in the shot. The kids are enjoying it and I will treasure the images forever. I think their new baby brother will love them as well! 

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