Monday, April 3, 2017


This past week we had the please of having Tonya, with Moments by Mancuso, as our guest judge.  Tonya picked an Imperfection theme and said she had a tough time narrowing down her choices.  There were so many great photos! Thank you to all who participated.   

Here are Tonya's top favorites:

I loved this image the second I saw it.  The mood, the movement, it’s perfectly imperfect!

The imperfection here adds to the mystery and emotion of this image! Beautiful work!

Imperfections can mean many different things.  I am usually drawn to more technical imperfections but this expression and setting are hard to ignore! Love the rawness!

I really love the moment in this image.  I always say emotion trumps everything else.  Wonderful capture!

Hair images are the perfect example of how the imperfections can really make the image, as it did in this one! The glow, the movement and the “missed” focus make this a perfect image!


Once again, a perfect example of how moving hair can make us miss focus but can make the image more interesting! Love this!

Movement, mystery, symmetry-this image has it all.  Wonderful example of looking past imperfections to see the beauty!

Every time I see this image it makes me giggle.  What a perfectly timed capture!  This just supports my case that imperfections are much more intriguing!

I love the story behind the imperfections here! That snow bokeh adds beauty even though the focus was missed.  This image speaks to my soul!

This conversion caught my attention immediately but it was the “imperfect" focus that wrapped me in. It has movement and interesting bokeh as we take a closer look.  Beautiful!

and the winner…………

This image is full of imperfection but there’s a wonderful story here and it’s the imperfections that make it perfect! The pop of colors, the layers, and the missing elements are what made this my top choice!


Moments by Mancuso

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