Tuesday, December 27, 2016

{holiday traditions}

"It was lovely to get a peek at some of your holiday traditions! These are memories your children will savour for many years to come."


What I love most about this image is that it's grandmother and grandchild - they are creating these memories that will last a lifetime.

The look of concentration on both their faces is perfect.  The dog, however, is the final perfect touch.

Anything with books speaks to my heart, but what makes this especially lovely is the connection between mother and son.

The sprinkle on her lip is what makes this perfect - I think littles must eat more than they sprinkle, but that is the best part!

The colours in this are bold and bright, but the story behind it is the best part.  Who wouldn't want custom artwork for Christmas?!



I chose this image as my favourite for the week because it's so very real. There is a lot in the image to draw the eye, but the choice of black and white allows me to focus on the boys, especially the one on the left.  Baking and decorating always begins with the best of intentions around here, and almost always ends in frustration and tears, so this is a perfect representation and I can definitely identify with it!


Jana O'Flaherty
Photography 2204

There will be no new theme until January 1st, 2017. 

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