Friday, April 8, 2016

Feature Friday with Jessica Wynder Photography!

Jessica Wynder Photography was the winner of last week's 'ordinary moment, extraordinary capture' challenge and has graciously opened up about her gear, her family and her dream shoot!

Hello! I live in Northern Michigan with my husband and my two children, ages 5 and 2. My family is a huge part of my life and a major inspiration in my photography journey. I love spending time outdoors and my favorite place to be is at the beach. 

Describe your style in three words
This is a tough one because I feel I am still developing a style. I guess if I had to choose three words they would be; evolving, emotive and natural. I strive to create images that are full of emotion and would rather capture real moments than posed ones. I am also minimal when it comes to editing. The less I have to edit, the better. I like to shoot a little bit of everything and I love to break the rules in my personal work. Being a rule breaker has been monumental in keeping my creativity going. 

What sparked your passion for photography?
Even as a child I was drawn to photography. I loved going through our family albums(my dad always took a lot of photos) and national Geographic magazines, but my passion was really sparked in my high school photography class. When I moved out on my own I even set up a little darkroom in one of the bathrooms. Although photography has been a hobby for many years, it has only been a little over a year that I've really pushed myself. 

What is in your camera bag?
I have a Canon 6d, a Canon 50mm 1.4 and a Canon 100mm 2.8 that are usually found anywhere but in my bag :)

Dream shoot or project?
I can't wait to document a birth session and I would love to do underwater photography. I can dream up so many destinations I would enjoy, but a reasonable goal in my life right now would be a trip to Chicago to do some street photography at night.

When I first started my business(which was only a year ago) I thought I would have to invest in more gear than what I have in order to operate. Cost is a major player in that so I made so minor upgrades and learned to make the most out of what I have. I do have a wish list, but if I would have waited to have everything I thought I needed, I might have never got started. 

My advice to someone just starting out would be to practice a lot-shoot as often as you can. Don't be afraid to take risks, make mistakes and put yourself out there. Bring your camera everywhere and don't be shy to put it to use if you see a moment that speaks to you. You won't regret it. At least I never have. I believe that once you start looking at things in a different light, you can find beauty and inspiration everywhere-so much that it becomes a tricky balancing act of capturing the moment and taking the time to live in it as well.
I wish that someone would have told me(or that I would have listened to myself) to just jump in and take my passion for photography to the next level sooner. As with most things in life, there is rarely a truly perfect time to start. 

Find more of Jessica's gorgeous work here:

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