Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Life can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with a New Year starting.  
So when picking the photos this week, I found myself drawn to the ones that were simple.  
The ones without any distractions, allowing me to focus on the subject.  
You’ll find that most of these photos don’t have much in the frame, 
yet they still manage to tell a story that leaves the viewer wanting more.  

It was so difficult for me to narrow down my favorites,
 as there were so many amazing pictures.   
So, I decided to stick as close to the minimalism photography definition
as possible when choosing.  

I hope you enjoy my top picks.


I love the use of negative space in this photo and the fact that you can only see part of the little girls head. What is she doing?  I want to know more!

I love the clean, simple feeling I get with this minimalistic photo...and the composition is great!

I love that lone tree in the middle of all of that fog! What a great simple and moody photo.

Again, I'm loving the use of negative space. And the light and colors are just gorgeous.  

What a great perspective, composition and use negative space, again. This is so different!

Awesome use of shadows and light highlighting the subject.  The composition and the use of negative space is great.    

What a dramatic, yet simple photo.  There is so much room for interpretation here, I don’t know where to begin.  And I love that artist blur!  

This is a fantastic example of a minimalist portrait.  The way Kate plays with light and hides certain features with shadows while highlighting others, is awesome.  This is the definition of a minimalist portrait if you google it…perfect!

There is something about this one that keeps me coming back.  I just love the random window and the balance it adds to the photo.   Where are they?  It's such a simple story telling image.  

I just love the clean, simplicity of this photo and the subtle pops of color against all of that white.


And the winner is...

What a great perspective and use of lines.  And that moody monochromatic color just sets the tone for me.  Love it!  

Mavenista Tia Costello
The Vintage Wheel Photography

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