Tuesday, October 18, 2016

{invincible summer}

That pocket of light is utterly amazing. To capture such a truly summer moment in it is amazing.

I just adore the connection and sweetness in this image.

This girl! This is my kinda girl! Reminds me so much of my own daughter and the creative lens use is wonderful.

The lines and composition in this image are simply gorgeous.

What a stunning silhouette. I love the warmth of it, it’s as though I can feel the sun’s setting heat on my own face.

There’s nothing not to love about this image. 
The full sun burst combined with happy child and frozen motion are amazing.

The repetition and then unexpected subject in this photo are stunning. I love that Vicki chose black and white and used full sun to capture the details of the field.

Swimming images get me every time. They are the ultimate summer image and I love the strength in this one.

So much joy and laughter rolled into one image, I love the expressions on all three children’s faces.

I adore the movement and color in this image.

and the winner is....

Simply stunning. The superhero cape-like towel and the movement of the grass is perfection.

Guest Judge
Rebeccah Parks

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