Tuesday, February 23, 2016

(the space in my heart}

Thank you so much for sharing your hearts with me this week!
It was an honor and privilege to see all of them.
It was also very difficult to have to narrow them down.

I love the effect of this image. It has such a unique quality to it! 

The soft pink tones of this image are just wonderful!

 Their hands are what spoke to my heart!

The negative space, the color, and that awesome tilt to top it all off!

It's hard to beat window light in a mostly white room 
and the pop of red on the balloon just sends it over!

I love the B&W conversion here and the repetition of the heart shape on her shirt
and the heart shaped spotlight against the shadow is just amazing! 

Grain can be difficult to make work for an image, but it most definitely does so here. 
It just adds to the dreaminess of her expression.

Such a perfect representation for heart month and CHD awareness!

I love how they seem to be squeezed into the space between the table and the window, and how comfortable they seem to be in that space. 
Especially the baby, holding on to her shirt with crossed ankles.

The light, oh the light!! 

And the winner is... 

Expression, processing, texture and light! A brilliant combination!


Thank you all for participating!
I am truly honored and humbled at how many photographers
participate each week and the astounding talent that is shared with us!
Thank you all for making this an amazing community!

Love and Blessings,

Julie Moses

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